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    Garage Opener Remotes & Accessories

Serving South Central Pennslyvania 

 When your garage opener remote stops working, you can experience the frustrations of having to open your garage door manually at night (unsafe), in the cold (miserable), or in the rain (unpleasant). 

At Legacy Door Co, we understand the hassles of trying to find garage door opener remote controls compatible with garage door openers. Whether you need replacement remotes, accessories like keypad entries, smart devices, or garage door openers, we’re eager to assist with your garage door remote control needs.

Garage Door Opener Remote Controls

Legacy Door Co offers various services for residential customers, such as finding the proper garage door remote control to operate your garage opener. 

Looking for a new or a replacement remote control? We have multiple opener remotes for you to consider, and Legacy Door Co is ready to make sure you’re getting one that is compatible with your type of garage door opener in just a few easy steps!


We also offer services geared towards commercial door operators. Let us guide you through the design of a control station that operates individual LiftMaster commercial doors.

Garage Door Opener Remote Control

Residential Garage Door Opener Accessories

Complete your garage door system with opener accessories. These accessories are designed to make things more convenient and functional for residential garage door openers.


Let us help you understand what choices you have and relax as we do the work to install your dream system, ensuring it is compatible with your new or existing garage door.


Increase the convenience factor of your home by having a keypad garage door opener. Wireless keypads are great accessories to add to your garage door system. You can use these as a backup to get into your garage if you lose your keys or forget them inside the house. 

It can also be handy for kids or when you’re taking the pets for a stroll and not needing to remember to carry your keys in order to get back into your home.

Wall Controls

You also have a range of options available for wall-mounted control panels, which work with most garage door openers. Get the power of controlling your garage door at the push of a button and mount it to a wall of your choice. Wall console panels are a great addition to garage door remote controls because it is smart to have more than one way to open and close your garage door.

We’re ready to walk you through the features and designs and in a few easy steps, help you pick the right garage door opener system for you.


myQ Accessories

Legacy Door Co can help you explore your options for connecting a smart garage door opener with myQ accessories for your home or business automation. You can use the myQ app to control your garage door right from your phone, whether it’s to set a schedule for when your door should close or the lights go off or on, to getting alerts any time the door opens or closes.​

Talk to a certified technician at Legacy Door Co to learn if smart residential garage door openers are right for you.

Remote Control for Garage Door
Garage Door Opener Accessories

Commercial Door Opener Accessories

Commercial and industrial locations can require extra safety precautions. We’re available to customize your commercial door operators with accessories guaranteed to increase your space’s functionality and security.

Warning Devices

To increase the safety of your commercial business, ask about warning devices, made to keep everyone aware of what’s going on around them. As a result, you’ll benefit from reduced damages to your materials and your building structure and less risk of injuries to workers.  

Metal Garage Doors

If you are looking to find out which remote or accessories would be compatible with your garage door opener, call us today at 717-687-2929 or fill out our form to learn more! Receive a free quote, no obligation required.

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