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Residential Garage Doors

Serving South Central Pennsylvania 

With over 20 years of experience, Legacy Doors is committed to offering our residential customers the

best quality and services available.


We offer a huge selection of beautiful and high-quality garage doors made of glass, insulated steel, wood, and aluminum. Trust our team to help you find the garage door that meets your needs while still matching your style.


 If you’re looking into purchasing a new garage door, don’t put it off for one more second.

Give us a call today and speak with one of our professional technicians to learn what we can do for you! 


Residential Garage Doors Factors


Improve the overall look of your home with a new garage door, and make your life easier with its convenience

and functionality! When your garage door breaks unexpectedly or is not working correctly, it can be concerning for several different reasons.


When asking yourself why it is essential to keep your garage door in excellent condition (or why you should consider purchasing a new garage door), there are a few things to think about.


Garage doors can keep your home safe and secure. Don’t allow your garage door to become a hazard to you and your family. Garage doors are incredibly heavy, and it can be dangerous if they fall. Unfortunately, many people are injured every year from garage door accidents.


You don’t want your garage door to break at an inconvenient time. Nothing is worse than pulling out of your driveway and realizing that your garage door won't close as it should.  Sudden issues like this can be pretty costly to repair.


Garage doors can improve your home value and overall appearance! A well-kept garage door can make your

home stand out. Homebuyers often look for houses in great shape, so if you are selling your home (or hope to sell down the road), consider the condition of your garage doors.

Whether you need a brand new garage door, repairs, or looking to do certain upgrades, our technicians at Legacy Door have the experience you are looking for. Contact us to receive a free and no-obligation quote today! 

Call us at 717-687-2929 for residential garage door services!

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