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         Garage Door & Opener Products

Serving South Central Pennsylvania

Garage Door Products That You Can Rely On

Are you looking to replace your existing garage door with a new garage door? At Legacy Door Co, we believe your new garage door should compliment your property and make your home have the curb appeal it deserves!

In fact, our garage doors are practical and elegant—so much so that our customers seek them out for residential homes and even commercial properties. We provide garage door products that are aesthetically pleasing.

You will find everything you need from us, including:

Because we view garage doors and openers as focal points for your property, we believe in quality. 

At Legacy Door Co, we believe that trustworthiness and quality service lay in the people who serve you. Further, our value system is proven by our delighted customers. Making sure you have the best garage door and opener for your home or business is our end goal!

The upshot of our garage door products and services philosophy is that Legacy Door Co is a trustworthy specialist in this field because you are our priority.


                               Garage Doors

What can you expect from us? A new door at an affordable price with exceptional customer service.

We are an authorized dealer of premium quality Clopay garage door products and garage door hardware for residential and commercial purposes, and we also provide garage door repair services.

Residential Garage Doors

Finding the perfect door for your home increases your home's curb appeal and accessibility. Legacy Door Co provides a large range of residential garage door styles and materials with a variety of features including insulated garage doors and more.

Garage Door Styles



         Carriage House Garage Doors                                Coachman Garage Doors                                 Avente Garage Doors

Garage Door Materials

            Aluminum Garage Doors                                         Wood Garage Doors                                              Steel Garage Doors

These Clopay garage doors are manufactured right here in the U.S. and Legacy Door Co uses Clopay products because they are the most durable and practical.

We’ll be happy to help you decide which garage door will best work with your house and space.


Click here for more information on our residential garage doors >

Coachman Garage Doors In Lancaster County PA
Coachman Garage Door In Lancaster County PA
Avente Garage Doors in Lancaster County PA_edited.jpg
aluminum garage doors in Lancaster County PA
Wood Garage Doors In Lancaster County PA
Steel Garage Doors In Lancaster Count PA
Garage Door Openers

We also sell LiftMaster garage door openers.

LiftMaster's openers are next-generation mechanisms. These openers work smoothly, silently, and efficiently and are a perfect fit for your garage door system.

We have multiple options, and here's what you can expect from these high-quality openers:

  • Modern Designs

  • Smart openers

  • Wall Mount Openers

  • Belt Drive Openers

  • Chain Drive Openers


We provide an inclusive service, so we will help you match your garage door opener with the garage door type that you prefer. Legacy Door Co can help if you are needing your new garage door opener installed.

No garage door opener is complete without a remote for smooth operation. Legacy Door Co source's all garage door remotes and accessories from LiftMaster because we want you to have the best quality products.

You can pick any of these garage door remotes to suit your lifestyle:

  • Keychain Remotes

  • Visor Remotes

  • Universal Remotes


Combine a stunning and new garage door with a suitable opener and remote, and you add not only curb appeal but value to your property and quality to your lifestyle.

Garage Door Openers In Lancaster County PA

We also provide commercial garage doors in a range that will enhance any commercial property.

In our commercial door garage selection, you can find an excellent variety of styles.  Legacy Door Co will help you find a garage door that is made of materials that increase its longevity and practicality.

Materials for commercial doors include:

  • Steel

  • Aluminum

  • Fiberglass

We can walk you through the pros and cons of each garage door, so you can be sure that you’re purchasing the right one for your commercial property.

View our commercial doors >

Commercial Garage Door Products In Lancaster County PA

If you are looking for a new garage door, garage door opener, or just a new opener remote, call us today at 717-687-2678 or fill out this form on our contact page to get a free quote! 

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