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Serving South Central Pennslyvania 

Like most Pennsylvania homeowners, you probably don’t give your garage doors enough attention until they fritz out and you need to purchase a new garage door.


When your commercial or residential garage doors malfunction, don’t go into panic mode and attempt a misguided DIY.


Instead, you should seek a garage door repair company near you to fix your garage door problem. And that’s where we come in.

At Legacy Door PA, we offer swift solutions to the pesky garage door issues that seem to bolt from the blue. That’s why Pennsylvania residents and business owners have trusted our garage door repair services for over two decades.


You can also count on us anytime your overhead door conks out and need garage door repair. Our customers will attest that no garage door problem is too big for our seasoned technicians.

Keep scrolling to learn what Legacy Door can do for you.

Residential Garage Door Repair Services In Lancaster County PA

Residential Garage Door Repair

On average, a new garage door system will serve you for about 20 years before you need to have extensive garage door repairs or replacements. However, even top-quality residential doors are still susceptible to wear and tear. These are some of the common garage door problems we handle regularly.

1. Spring Breaks

Garage door spring systems have torsion or extension springs that generate the counterforce required to open and close the door with minimum hand force. The springs do most of the heavy-lifting, and the sustained tension weakens and breaks them eventually.

2. Broken Cables

Your garage door lift cables soon give out due to wear and tear. Broken cables interfere with suspension and balance, causing your doors to sag.

3. Garage Door Off The Track

Misaligned tracks and damaged lift cables cause your garage door to go off track. Also, you may accidentally hit the garage door with your vehicle when pulling out of your garage and send the door off the track.

4. Damaged Garage Door Rollers

Because rollers are the busiest part of your garage door, they get worn out much faster. Rollers may get stuck or slide out of position, causing your garage door to get off track or squeak as it opens and closes.

Garage door rollers need proper maintenance and lubrication to keep them in pristine condition. Even so, it would be best if you got the rollers made from durable materials such as steel or nylon.

5. Garage Door Stuck Open

Your garage door has sensors on both sides. If the sensors are blocked by dirt, grim, or other external objects, your garage door may get stuck open, get stuck closed, or get stuck on one side.

6. Worn-Out Weather Seals

The weatherstripping on your garage door protects your garage from the elements. The weather seals often get damaged by rodents or get worn out over time. Damaged weather seals will let in pests, insects, air, and water in your garage.

Commercial doors are heavier and bigger than residential doors. Hence, they have more complex problems that call for high-tech garage door repair solutions. At Legacy Doors, we are seasoned experts in repairing all commercial door issues.

Let’s explore the common commercial garage door problems.

Commercial Garage Door Repair Services
1. Damaged Spring Breaks

Since commercial doors are extra heavy, the torsion springs are subjected to extreme tension. This breaks the springs much sooner.

2. Worn and Dirty Door Rollers

With the heavy usage of commercial doors, rollers quickly accumulate grime and debris. Without regular cleaning and lubrication, the rollers will sustain rust and get damaged at last.

3. Broken Cables

Poorly installed or broken springs will weaken the lift cables and cause them to snap. Also, the cables can break when overhead doors go off track or because of damaged pulleys.


4. Damaged Sections or Panels

Garage door panel replacement is necessary when your commercial garage door has extensive structural damage. This is common in old worn-out doors or wooden garage doors with termite damage.

5. Damaged Weather Seals

Commercial doors operate under harsher conditions than residential garage doors. Hence, their weather seals are at a higher risk of sustaining damage from the elements.


Also, mice and other rodents may damage the weather seals over time.

Prompt Garage Door Repair in PA

When your residential and commercial doors experience any of these problems, you should seek garage door service in Lancaster, PA, right away for your garage door repair.

In so doing, you’ll prevent further damage to your garage door system and avert garage door-related injuries, which affect 20,000 Americans annually.

At Legacy Door Co, we know the garage door industry, so rest assured that we can handle the garage door repair professionally. Receive garage door repair services that you can count on.

If your garage doors need to be serviced, run to Legacy Door for expert garage door repair and garage door replacement services.


Better yet, call us at 717-687-2691 to get your free quote, and don’t be shy to request emergency garage door repair services any time. We are the garage door company that is there for you 24/7.

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