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               Garage Door Services

Serving South Central Pennsylvania

              Trust The Experts With Your Garage Door Services

We know that when your garage door is working well, everything is hunky-dory.

However, it is a different story when your garage door system malfunctions. When that happens, you'll want help, and you'll want help fast.

Legacy Door Co offers the garage door services you will want when that unexpected problem arises.


We know there are several other garage door services out there but what makes us different is our locally owned business mindset.


We believe that both products and services are critical to giving you what you want, which reflects in our expert repair work.

Because we value your support and genuinely want the best for you, you can depend on us for those last-minute garage door and opener malfunctions or just your general garage door needs and maintenance. 

Garage Door Services in Lancaster County PA

                              Garage Door Opener Installation

Legacy Door Co believes in offering the best products for all your garage door needs, and that is why we sell some of the best garage door openers.

You can choose the model you want, and we handle the installation so that you have a seamless operation of your garage door. Whether you have a new garage door or an old garage door, we can provide everything from the economy to electronic door openers.

Since choosing a garage door is as important as the door opener, Legacy Door Co can help you by providing an expert opinion to identify what opener will best fit your needs based on the style and weight of the garage door.


From there, you can trust our garage door installation services and be sure that your new opener will be installed correctly.

Garage Door Installation Services In Lancaster PA

                                           Garage Door Repair

Legacy Door Co specializes in garage door repair for commercial and residential garage doors and openers.


Whether your garage door is sticking, needs new cables or springs, or you are experiencing another type of problem, we know the ins and outs of garage doors.

If your opener or remote is playing up, we can also take care of those repairs quickly and with ease.

It also doesn’t matter what the make of your garage door, garage door opener, or remote is, we are trained to repair all models as best as we can.

For those unexpected emergencies, Legacy Door Co has a 24-hour-emergency service to ensure that you won’t need to deal with the inconvenience of a non-operational garage door for long.

Residential Garage Door Installation In Lancaster County, PA

                                     Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Repair Services In Lancaster County PA

Our primary garage door services are installing garage doors of all designs and materials for residential and commercial properties.

We have multiple garage door styles and materials to boost property value and curbside appeal—and we do the entire installation according to the garage door style.

With twenty-plus years of experience under our belts, we focus on delivering quality installations for commercial and residential garage doors.

                                 Call Us Today For A Free Quote!

Legacy Door Co can help you will all your garage door needs.  Our experience and philosophy put you first and make us the intuitive choice for all garage door repairs.

Contact us for a free quote if you detect a problem with your garage door, garage door opener, or garage door remote.

You can also call us directly on 717-455-7595 whether you need a quote or a 24-hour emergency repair service.


Go ahead and store our number on your phone because you never know when you might need our assistance in South Central Pennsylvania.

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