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Choosing the Best Garage Door for Your Home

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Choosing the best garage door for your home should take careful consideration. Attention to detail with garage doors, like the house's interior, adds to property value and boosts your home's curb appeal.

Besides contributing extensively to the property's value, the right garage door adds curb appeal. Plus, adding the right door will add the convenience of a practical garage door, and you can improve your lifestyle.

While the benefits of choosing the best garage door are vital, the choices available can be pretty confusing. You must consider their styles, materials, functionality, longevity, and price.

Stay with us as we cover the various factors of choosing the right garage door for your home.

Best Garage Door Styles

There are three garage door styles to choose from when adding value to your property.

These styles include:

  • Modern Garage Doors

  • Conventional Garage Doors

  • Carriage house Garage Doors

1. Modern Garage Doors

Modern or contemporary garage doors are a popular choice among homeowners. However, if your home is current, this style will probably blend best with the rest of the home's façade. While you choose a garage door, think about the garage door materials of glass, steel, and aluminum and how you can design and install garage doors that match the house's frontage.

Then, think about how you can customize a contemporary garage door for privacy and natural light. Next, consider how the modern garage door will complete the overall impression that your home makes.

First impressions are meaningful from an aesthetic perspective and because of how they increase property value.

2. Conventional Garage Doors

Unless you have a traditional-style home, choosing a modern garage door made from steel, aluminum, and glass might be a wise choice for your property. A traditional-style garage door blends in with the classical home-style architecture.

Choosing a traditional garage door doesn’t mean you have a plain door. After all, you want to increase your property value and quality of life. Garage doors made from wood with elegant, raised paneling offer an understated elegance.

You can ramp up the style to match its surroundings with a simple coat of paint or wood stain. You can also enhance the appearance of these traditional garage doors by adding windows to control how much natural light enters this space.

Customization of your garage door is part of the service you receive from an excellent service provider, so take advantage of this feature if you are considering having a garage door replacement.

3. Carriage House Doors

Carriage house garage doors have evolved since their original purpose. Now, these doors can look as quaint as their historical counterparts but with a modern twist—they look as if they open outwards but have an upward opening mechanism.

If your home structure is Victorian or colonial, the carriage house garage door will blend in well. Also, you can customize these doors to suit any personal preferences and home style, so they look as if they were part of the original build.

Garage Door Materials

Contemporary materials for garage doors primarily include wood, fiberglass, vinyl, steel, and aluminum. Wood paneling on garage doors adds a touch of warmth, while other materials like steel and aluminum demonstrate the modernity of these doors.

If you are looking for insulated garage doors, you will want to talk to a garage door company to help narrow down your options.

What material you choose for your garage doors makes a difference.

Steel Panels Garage Doors

Steel garage doors remain a popular choice among homeowners because this material is hardwearing and long-lasting, especially if you are looking for an insulated garage door. A Steel door requires less maintenance and is also less susceptible to wear and tear.

A steel door is an excellent option for a new garage door if you're on a budget. It will also blend well with the outer appearance of your home.

Another benefit of installing a steel garage door is that you can select the strength or thickness of the steel. If insulation is a concern, then choose thicker steel. Steel withstands years of bashing from adverse weather with little effect. Unlike wood paneling for garage doors, steel also does not warp or deteriorate as quickly.

You can also style steel garage doors like you would with wood panels. Add a dash of paint, customize patterns, and let technology do the rest, as these doors need minimum care due to weather-resistant finishes.

Wood Garage Doors

Wood panels in garage doors create a sense of warmth because of this natural product's texture and visual appeal. However, despite the allure of this material for your garage door, wood is not as durable as its steel and aluminum counterparts.

If you choose a wood garage door, ensure you maintain them correctly to keep that curb appeal intact over time.

Aluminum and Glass Garage Doors

Installing garage doors made from aluminum and glass is your best bet to complement the contemporary architecture of your home. Although these doors may not be as enduring as steel doors, they withstand the weather just as well. Talk to your garage door company about if they can become insulated garage doors.

Aluminum with glass garage doors is ideal for modern homes at the seaside or in high-humidity areas as they are resistant to rust. Adding glass to this equation also significantly enhances the appearance of these doors.

So, keep in mind that customization of the style is always on the cards.

High-tech finishes preserve these materials, but wood and steel remain better choices for high-traffic areas. If you have children or use your garage as a workspace, wooden paneling or steel doors are advisable.

Functionality, Longevity, and Price

Do you only use your garage to park your cars, or do you also use it as a workspace? If your garage is a working area, then consider installing wood or steel doors. These materials are hardy and more able to withstand dents from ball play and bumps while working.

Alternatively, if you only use your garage for parking cars, aluminum garage doors with glass details might be the better option for a contemporary-style home.

Garage doors last for approximately thirteen years if you calculate a standard of 20,000 cycles. One cycle includes opening and closing the garage door once. If you calculate how much you use your existing garage door, you also have a better idea of what material will cater to this level of use.

Steel doors are by far the most durable of all garage door materials you can use, and most garage door manufacturers would agree. But everyone has their personal preferences with garage door styles and materials. So, weigh your lifestyle options and usage before choosing your garage door replacement.

While aluminum garage doors are cost-effective, additions like insulation and R-value can up the price. R-value refers to the level and quality of the garage door insulation relating to heat flows and thermal resistance.

If your budget allows, steel and wooden garage doors may be a better match for your requirements while still adding to your home's exterior.

Enhance Property Value and Lifestyle

Whatever material and style of a new garage door you select, think about all these issues before deciding.

The right garage door will increase property value. Whether wood garage doors or steel garage doors, be sure to choose a garage door style that is practical and adds to your lifestyle.

Customization of wood, steel, aluminum, and glass garage doors means you can have it all---either now or a little later.

If you have questions about getting a new garage door, our garage door specialists can advise you on the best choices for your home and budget.

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