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Repairing a Garage Door - How Much Does it Really Cost?

A garage is valuable for every home. It is a safe space for high-value assets like your car and storage for items that would otherwise clutter your living space. But like every other mechanical object, you may want to expect to spend cash on repairs and maintenance.

So, how much does it cost to repair your garage door? Costs fluctuate widely depending on the garage door repair services you need, geographic location, and the garage door company’s pricing policies.

We've broken down some garage door items that may need repair one day, so you are aware before it happens!

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Average Garage Door Repair Prices

On average, garage door repairs costs a couple of hundred dollars. But that includes labor and materials. However, the amount you pay may fall above or below that range, depending on the services required, your garage door style, and the materials it’s made of.

Below is a detailed breakdown of how much it’ll set you back to repair a garage door based on the parts:

Spring Replacement

Garage door spring repair costs can vary depending on the type of springs needed. Torsion spring replacements will set you back between a few hundred dollars. On the other hand, a replacement for extension springs can be a bit cheaper.

garage door repair

Garage Door Opener Repairs

Have you tried changing your garage opener’s remote batteries, but the door won’t budge? If so, either the remote has malfunctioned, or the opener has wiring issues. If the remote is the problem, you can get a new one for a pretty fair price!

But if it’s a wiring problem, the garage door opener repairs will cost you. And if the opener is damaged, you’ll probably have to pay for a replacement. That replacement price depends on a few things, but your garage door repair company will be able to help!

garage door opener

Cable or Chain Repair

The cable or chain may have snapped if your garage door makes screeching noises or falls quickly on closing. Fortunately, garage door cable repairs are relatively affordable!

Replacing Tracks

While a minor track dent is easy to fix, replacing a broken one is a task you should leave to the experts. Your garage door repair company will be able to help you find the track you need for your garage door.

Garage Door Panel

A panel repair or replacement is among the expensive garage door repairs you’ll handle. The price of replacing panels depends on the material and design.

For instance, homeowners with wooden garage door panels can spend more on repairs, while those with fiberglass garage door panels can be a bit cheaper. The cost is even higher for custom garage door panels.

garage door panel replacement


The sensor is one of the essential components of a garage door. It stops and auto-reverses the door whenever there’s something in its path, thus preventing potential injuries. That is why you should have it replaced as soon as it starts to malfunction.

Garage Door Repairs Based on Style

Besides the service you need, repair costs also vary depending on a garage door’s style. For instance, spring replacement for roll-up garage doors costs more than tilt-up garage doors. Other common door styles that impact price include:

  • Carriage doors

  • One-panel doors

  • Sectional garage doors

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

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Garage door repairs are inevitable, but you can reduce the need for frequent and unnecessary ones through proper garage door maintenance. Check out the best practices you can follow to keep your garage door in tip-top shape for longer:

  • A garage door should open and close smoothly, so be on the lookout for any weird or unusual noises such as unexplained screeching or scraping

  • Regularly look out for, and tighten loose screws and hinges

  • Test whether the sensors are working efficiently by placing something on the door’s path to see if it’ll autoreverse

  • Make it a habit to clean garage door tracks

  • Check garage door cables for fraying and other signs of wear

  • Inspect and ensure the backup battery in the opener is working efficiently

Legacy Door Co. and Garage Door Repair

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Proper garage door maintenance will keep it working efficiently for years, but the occasional repair is inevitable. That’s why you should have a reliable garage door repair expert like Legacy Door Co on speed dial.

Our technicians are trained and qualified to install, maintain, repair, and replace all garage door parts. Additionally, we’ll order the required parts from our industry network, unlocking your access to great product discounts.

Contact us today to find out how much your garage door repairs and maintenance will cost.

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