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Why Should You Hire a Garage Door Company to Install Your Garage Door?

Few home improvement projects are as rewarding and satisfying as investing in a new garage door. A new garage door will enhance your home’s safety, boost your overall curb appeal, and increase your home’s resale value by a substantial margin.

After buying your residential garage door, you may be tempted to DIY, particularly if you’re a handy and avid DIYer. But wait, does DIY really cut it for garage doors, especially huge ones with double doors?

From our more than two decades of experience installing garage doors in South Central Pennsylvania, we can tell you first-hand that garage door installations are more complex than they look on DIY videos.

Not only do you need to know your way around tools, but you also need extra muscle strength to complete an installation successfully and enough technical know-how to program your garage door opener. While DIY installation may look intriguing, the effort and resources needed to complete the job may eventually overwhelm you.

That’s why hiring professional garage door installers like Legacy Door Co. is more effective to complete the installation. Here are the benefits of hiring a garage door company instead of taking the DIY route.

professional garage door installer

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Garage Door Installation Company

While a DIY garage door installation certainly has its perks, hiring a professional for the job has better outcomes overall, as we explore below:

Assured Safety During and After Garage Door Installation

The average weight of a standard single garage door is well over 130 pounds. It could be heavier depending on the material, size, and whether it’s insulated. Even while using a specialized kit, the weight makes it difficult for you to correctly align and adjust parts, creating a potentially hazardous situation in the long run.

Garage doors have springs and tensioners with up to 1000-pound pressure to counterbalance the door’s weight. While handling springs with such pressure, one wrong move can lead to life-threatening injuries if the springs snap accidentally.

Because professional installers are skilled and aware of the risks involved, they come with enough personnel and tools to execute a safe garage door installation. After installation, garage door experts test your door to ensure the electrical and mechanical parts function optimally.

garage door installation professionals

Professional Installation Protects Garage Door Warranty

Garage door manufacturers offer a warranty for quality assurance. It guarantees access to free or partially-covered repair and replacement costs if the door malfunctions. To keep the warranty valid, you’re required to seek professional garage door installation services.

Good thing reputable companies like Legacy Door Co offer a warranty on garage door installation services. If your garage door experiences installation-related problems within the guarantee period, we’ll fix your door at no extra cost.

However, if you choose a DIY installation, you automatically void your manufacturer’s warranty. If your DIY garage door installation goes south, you’d have to pay out of pocket to cover the repair costs.

A Professional Garage Door Installation Saves You Time

Garage door installations are not only laborious but also time-consuming. Professionals take about 2-4 hours to install a garage door. You would most likely take more time to complete a DIY installation owing to your limited experience and the steep learning curve before you get the hang of it.

Conversely, hiring a garage door expert helps you save time you would use to learn the ropes and complete the installation. It also guarantees a quick turnaround since professionals are experienced and equipped with tools to complete the installation promptly and expertly.

Professionals Come Ready

Sure, installing your garage door comes with price breaks, but they may not count as much if you have to buy or rent the requisite tools. And since not all garages have the same design, you may be forced to stop mid-installation if a DIY garage kit doesn’t fit your home’s design. This makes DIY installation both time and effort-consuming.

But when you hire professional installers, they’ll come equipped with enough tools to install and make any necessary adjustments. This ensures a speedy and efficient garage door installation regardless of any hiccups they may encounter during installation.

Hiring professional garage door installers saves the day because removing an old garage door is extremely difficult. Garage door experts have advanced techniques and equipment for garage door removal that streamline the entire process. Additionally, they have the required state and local licenses that would take you loads of time to procure.

new garage door

Excellent Quality of Work

So many nuts and bolts make the garage door system work smoothly and efficiently. You need to align the photo-eye properly, ensure you expertly install the door opener, pulleys, and springs, and then balance the door weight accurately. Failure to do so makes your garage door a looming hazard since it can crash or malfunction at any second.

But when you hire a professional installer, you’ll rest easy knowing your garage door is masterfully installed. Better yet, pro garage door teams include licensed electricians. This means you’ll be assured your home’s electrical system won’t be affected by the garage door installation.

On top of delivering exquisite craftsmanship, garage door experts will recommend the garage door models that best fit your garage’s overall design. Thus, you’ll end up with an aesthetically pleasing and functional garage door.

Free Expert Tips and Discounts

Garage doors are not one-size-fits-all. They come in different categories: roll-up, sectional, slide-to-the-side, up and over, and side-hinged designs. Each has its perks and fits some homes better than others.

Besides opening and closing mechanisms, garage doors can be either insulated or uninsulated and cut from different materials such as steel, aluminum, wood, or fiberglass. These factors make choosing the perfect garage door an uphill task, especially if it’s your first garage door.

However, with the help of professionals, you can stress less as they’ll offer expert

recommendations on the best garage door for your home. By leveraging their industry networks, professional garage door installers can also get you great discounts on garage door purchases.

Hire the Experts for Your Garage Door Services

garage door installation professionals

Hiring professionals means you need not worry about manpower, tools, licenses, or insurance since our team comes equipped with everything we need to get the job done. It also assures you of safe-to-open-and-close garage doors since our garage door technicians are well-versed in their trade.

When planning to build a new garage or replace an old garage door, you can count on Legacy Door Co. Our team of expert technicians will make the entire installation seamless, no matter the garage size or your material preferences. We will order garage door parts on your behalf and offer expert recommendations to help you find the perfect garage door.

Get in touch with us today and be part of our rich garage door installation for your residential and commercial garage door and garage door repairs legacy.

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