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How Often Should Garage Doors be Serviced?

Few things are as frustrating as waking up to a jammed garage door. A jammed garage door throws you off schedule and can potentially ruin your mood throughout the day.

But you don’t have to sit and wait until your garage door runs into mechanical problems. Instead, you should regularly lubricate moving parts, watch out for issues with its operations, tighten the hardware, and most importantly, have it serviced by a professional.

So, how often should you have your garage door serviced? Read on for an answer and more helpful maintenance tips from garage door services experts at Legacy Door Service Co.

broken garage door

Do Garage Doors Need to Be Serviced?

Whether automatic or manual, the garage door is most likely the single largest moving object in your home. It has moving parts like rollers, chains&pulleys, cable drums, and springs, which, although durable, tend to wear out over time.

Unfortunately, the overall cost of repairs for these parts comes with a hefty price tag. On the bright side, having your garage door serviced at least once a year keeps these moving parts in ship-shape condition, saving you expensive repair costs.

Even better, effective and consistent maintenance prolongs your garage door’s life. So, yes, you need to service your garage doors regularly. It’s the only way to keep costly repairs at bay and enjoy seamless access to your garage around the clock.

No garage door halfway closing

Why You Need to Get Your Garage Door Service

Boost its Efficiency

A jammed garage door is frustrating, especially when you’re rushing to run your errands. But a garage door doesn’t just jam out of the blues. It fails when:

  • You fail to lubricate moving parts properly.

  • The track is out of alignment.

  • There’s an issue with transmitters.

  • The springs are broken.

Those are just a few reasons why a garage door won’t work. Hiring a professional to service your garage door once a year prevents these issues and keeps it operating efficiently throughout the year.

Keep Your Household Safe

Garage door accidents account for about 30,000 injuries annually. NIESS data estimates that about 2,200 Americans are injured by a garage door crushing them from above every year. While some of these garage door accidents are due to personal negligence, most are caused by mechanical mishaps.

Regular and professional garage door servicing addresses such issues before they become potentially life-threatening hazards, ensuring that you or your loved ones don’t become part of these statistics.

Enhance Your Home’s Security

Did you know that 9% of burglars access a property through its garage door? This is because most garages are often attached to the main home. But with regular servicing, you need not worry since a well-maintained garage door is sturdier and much harder to break into.

Also, technicians from a professional garage door services company like Legacy Doors Co. will recommend advanced security features such as rotating security codes that help keep intruders out, further enhancing your home’s security.

Cut Utility Costs

Attached garages share at least one wall with your home. Your utility bill will likely skyrocket if your garage door is uninsulated since some of your home’s energy will seep out through the door seals, panels, and any crevice on the garage door.

Having it serviced enhances its efficiency and prevents energy loss, as most professional garage door repair services often include inspecting and replacing garage door weatherstripping.

Boost Your Home’s Value

If none of the above reasons convince you to get your garage door serviced, you should have it professionally serviced for the value it adds to your home.

A garage door that can keep a home safe is precious to most home buyers. A loud, unmaintained garage door that squeaks or jams on opening or closing often indicate poor maintenance. A well-maintained garage door increases the likelihood of a buyer closing on your house since it suggests the rest of the property is just as carefully maintained.

most garage doors need yearly maintenance

Signs to Look Out for

Here are signs your garage door requires professional maintenance:

  • Noisy Door: A garage door should open smoothly and efficiently. If your garage door starts to squeak or rattle out of nowhere, it could be poor lubrication, worn-out rollers, or loose hardware. Popping sounds often signify issues with the torsion spring.

  • The door opens or closes halfway: Garage doors have a limit switch that controls the opening and closing mechanism. If your garage door starts but stops halfway when opening or closing, it indicates an issue with the limit switch.

  • Garage door won’t open or close: In some instances, a garage door might fail to open completely or open but fail to close. This usually happens due to broken or old door springs or when keypad batteries run out. It could also be due to the door opener unit or a disconnected motor.

  • The door opens without a remote: If your remote-controlled garage door opens manually, it could be due to a circuit board short, stuck buttons, beam misalignment, or in a few instances, radio interference.

  • The garage door operates slowly: If your garage door suddenly takes ages to open or close, its tracks are probably dirty, or the rollers are dried out, and you need to have it serviced as soon as possible.

make sure your garage door is function properly and no broken glass

What is Checked When Your Garage Door is Serviced?

Wondering what happens when you call in professional garage door services? Here is a check-list of the parts we’ll inspect and service:

  • Torsion springs

  • Door hinges

  • Rollers

  • Lifting cables

  • Garage door opener

  • Garage door sensors

  • Bottom seal & weather seal

  • Tracks

  • Lock and keyhole

  • Jamb brackets

  • End bearing plates

  • Strut

garage doors servicing to protect from safety hazard

Hire the Experts for Your Garage Door Services

Like any other moving part or component in your home, a garage door requires regular servicing to operate optimally. Skipping garage door maintenance will inconvenience you in the long run and cost you more in repairs. Plus, dealing with a problematic or squeaky garage door will make your daily life harder than it should.

While you can try and fix some of the minor garage door issues yourself, having a professional check it out is your best bet. Garage door repair experts have the experience to fix ongoing and underlying issues, so your door works efficiently and remains in tip-top shape for its entire lifetime.

Legacy Door Co. is at your beck and call for all your garage door services, whether minor or significant issues. We service all major garage door and door opener brands, so you won’t need to look elsewhere. And, if some of your garage door parts need replacing or you need a new garage door altogether, our experts will order them for you, deliver, and install them expertly, making the whole process stress-free for you.

Call us today and let us fix all your garage door issues — quality service is our gift to you.

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