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How to Program Your LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Remote

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t give much thought to your garage door opener remote as long as it opens and closes your garage doors properly. But when your programmable garage door remote malfunctions or gets lost, and you’re forced to replace it, you’ll want to know how to program the new garage door remote to your garage door opener.

Also, after installing a new garage door opener or moving houses, you’ll need to reset your garage door remote. Luckily, programming a new garage door remote is a breeze, as we’ll see in this article. Having provided garage door opener installation services to PA residents for over two decades, we at Legacy Door Co are well-suited to advise you on the ins and outs of programming a garage door remote from start to finish.

In that case, let’s dig in.

Program Your Residential Garage Door Opener Remote

Before you learn how to program your new garage door remote, you must first get the opener remote that’s compatible with your door opener. Your new remote should be the same brand as your existing garage door opener. Many garage door openers are from different brands, but Legacy Door Co recommends LiftMaster garage door openers, given their superior quality.

As such, we’ll only outline the step-by-step process of programming a garage door opener remote.

Here’s the process:

Step 1: Access your garage door opener and find the "Learn" button. The Learn button is either yellow, orange, green, red, or purple, which you’ll find above the antenna wire. Depending on the opener’s model, you may see a small LED beside it. If you can’t find the "Learn" button right away, remove the light cover as it is sometimes housed there.

Step 2: Press the Learn button once and release it immediately. However, if your opener is fitted with a MyQ Control Panel, you’ll want to press and release the Learn button twice.

Step 3: Within the 30-second window after pressing the Learn button, press and hold the button on your remote control that you wish to program and release it after three seconds.

Step 4: If the programming is successful, the garage door opener lights will blink, or the LED indicator light will go out.

Step 5: Confirm the programmed button is working optimally by pressing it to observe if the garage door responds to the button’s function. If it’s working perfectly, repeat the process to program the other buttons.

Step 6: If the button isn’t working, repeat the steps above precisely. If it’s still unresponsive, check if the remote’s batteries are well installed, or try using a new pair of batteries. If still unsuccessful, call Legacy Door Co to help you complete the process.

The HomeLink Experience

Programming your garage door remote allows you to access your garage easily, which is excellent. But if you desire a next-level experience, you’ll go a step further and program your garage door opener to your car. Many modern vehicles come with an in-built HomeLink remote system with three HomeLink buttons installed on the rear-view mirror.

You can program these buttons to operate your garage door opener following these steps:

  • First, reset the HomeLink system. Press and hold the first and third buttons for 15 - 20 secs until the LED indicator light flashes repeatedly.

  • Simultaneously press the HomeLink button you want to program and the garage remote until the LED light flashes rapidly.

  • Confirm if the process worked by holding the button for a second and see if it opens your garage door.

  • If it doesn’t work, go to your door opener and press the Learn button. Within 30 seconds, rush to your car, start it up, and then push and hold your desired HomeLink button until the LED light flashes repeatedly.

  • Test the HomeLink button to confirm if the process is successful.

Remember, the "Learn" button on your door opener has two main functions:

  1. Programming accessories (remote and car) to the opener, as explained above.

  2. Resetting the opener’s memory as we explore below.

Did You Just Move? Here’s How To Reset Your Garage Door Opener

If you move to a new house, you’ll want to reset the garage door opener to erase the existing settings programmed by the previous owner. Erase the old code on the opener by pressing and holding the "Learn" button for at least six seconds

Reprogram Your Remote Control Following These Steps:

  1. Press the program button on your remote control until the LED light goes off

  2. Select your desired button to use for your garage door

  3. Exit the programming step by pressing any button

  4. Press and release your opener’s Learn button( you’ll have 30 seconds to reprogram the remote)

  5. Press and hold your desired button on the remote control within the 30 secs ( if it’s successful, you’ll hear two clicks, or the opener lights will flash)

Reprogram your vehicle following the same steps outlined above in the HomeLink experience section. If you have a keypad, reset it following these steps:

  1. Press and release the Learn button, then hold: * and # on the keypad until it stops blinking.

  2. Within 30 secs, enter your new 4-digit code, press Enter, then press 0 to exit.

Garage Door Opener Installation and Servicing

Now you know how to program and reset your garage door opener remote. While you can reference this guide to program your garage remote successfully, you may experience advanced challenges beyond your understanding. And that’s where you’ll need our garage door installation experts to come in and give you a hand.

Besides programming your garage remote control, our installation crew will assess the overall health of your garage door opener system and make expert recommendations.

And if you need a new garage door opener and remote system, Legacy Door Co will supply and install your residential garage doors and openers at a friendly rate!

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